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Claudia Horbert

Claudia Horbert
T: +49 221 57993-58
E: horbert(at)

Horst Rüter

Horst Rüter
T: +49 221 57993-28
E: seminare(at)

John Ryan

John Ryan

Retail Week/VMSD, London/UK, Stores Editor/European editor

John Ryan is a journalist and covering retail design, strategy and marketing for a wide variety of magazines and newspapers. As Stores Editor of Retail Week and European editor of VMSD, he has written about the sector for almost two decades and as well as occasional appearances on the TV and radio, he is a frequent speaker on conference platforms around the world. He is also online editor of retail design magazine and a consultant on store interior and retail strategies. In a previous life he was a retail buyer, a role he fulfilled for 13 years, working in London and Dusseldorf.

What’s next?

The trends that are shaping high streets and what this means for retailers: From ‘showrooms’ to ‘back-to-basics’ merchants – a lot of retailers are testing the water with new formats and novel ways of attracting shoppers. But what is set to work and how will it change the way in which retail is conducted? A look at what is and what may be in a very short time.